The Great Clock

Chris McKay

He wasn’t the sort of person you wanted for a neighbour, he was direct, rude, bombastic, right-wing, opinionated and… generally right! This was Edmund Beckett Denison the designer of the Great Clock at the Palace of Westminster and the bell ‘Big Ben’. Born in 1816, Edmund inherited a baronetcy from his father and was later…

Canadian Prime Minster Departure Ceremony

Book review: Lost in translation

Tara Paterson

Common Ground: A Political Life, Justin Trudeau, Oneworld, 2017, £16 .99 Throughout an eventful 2016, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was progressives’ most convincing piece of evidence that liberal internationalism wasn’t dead yet. The UK opted to march out of the European Union. Americans handed Trump a mandate to build a border wall. And for…


A question of trust

Katherine Sangster

Scottish Labour now has an opportunity to build on its election success At the start of the general election campaign, the received wisdom in Scotland was that the best Labour could expect was for Ian Murray to hold onto his seat in Edinburgh South. As the campaign progressed, Scottish Labour started to grow in confidence,…