emily thornberry

Interview: Moving the centre

Kate Murray

Emily Thornberry was one of the stars of Labour’s election campaign. Now she wants the party to prepare for power, she tells Kate Murray It was one of the highlights of election night: Emily Thornberry, grinning like the Cheshire Cat, telling David Dimbleby that the Conservatives were heading for their very own coalition of chaos….


Mobilising the yet to be mobilised

Judith Blake, Nick Forbes

Now more than ever, politics is local. The importance of people having control over their own lives has rarely been as salient as now. The opportunities for local leaders to meet this need should be grasped by all of us with a commitment to improving the lives of the people we serve. This research reminds…


Executive elections & AGM

Andrew Harrop

Fabian Society executive elections: Call for nominations Nominations are now invited for: 10 executive committee places 3 local society places Honorary treasurer Welsh convenor Elections will be by postal ballot and electronic ballot of all full national members and local society members. Nominations should be in writing and individuals can nominate themselves. Local society nominations…